My Fedora 23 Wallpapers…

On August 12 2015 submissions for Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 23 were announced. Supplemental wallpapers are extra wallpapers that are packaged with every new operating system release. Being a regular user of Fedora I was excited to read the post and decided to submit my entries for the election. The election was tough as entries are invited from all over the world and then only 16 wallpapers are selected through open voting by the Fedora community.

I browsed through my entire photo collection and finally zeroed down to 10 photos that I decided to submit for the election. The voting was held from September 13 2015 till September 17 2015. When the result was declared I was surprised to see 3 of my submissions making to the final list.

The Moon
The Waterfall
Close Up of a Flower

This election broke all the previous Fedora submission records. There were a total of 199 submissions out of which 157 were approved. A total of 1447 votes were polled and finally the winners were selected.

And then Fedora 23 was released and the supplemental wallpapers were announced.

The wallpapers were released as part of the f23-backgrounds-extras package. I downloaded Fedora 23 and installed it on my laptop and finally had a look at my own submissions.



It was a very proud moment seeing my name in the Author list for wallpaper owners.


Finally I received my first ever Fedora 23 badge for selected submission…..!!!



Author: Vineet Tuli

I Love Photography... I Love Astronomy... I Love Linux...

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